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Latest newsletter - July 2019

This edition is a taster menu of freshly prepared scientific evidence, management practices, tools and policy options taken from our 2018 Annual Report to show the superpowers of biodiversity to provide healthy diets from healthy food systems. You will also read about the groundbreaking Alliance between Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). Together, we will deliver research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people’s lives.

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Previous newsletters:

April 2019

This month, learn about citizen science and how it is used to help farmers adapt to climate change, about the state of the world's food and biodiversity, what 'positive deviants' are and how they help solve local challenges, and more.

March 2019

In this special #WomensDay edition, Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) team up to bring to you a roundup of interesting stories that feature women in agriculture. Take a moment to learn about how we support gender equitable participation, both in the field and in headquarters.

February 2019 

Packed with news of our newly appointed Director General, a major publication that sets out global targets to achieve healthy diets and sustainable production, a quest for an uncommon but powerful bean, crops for future climates, agrobiodiversity in Peru, and other stories.

October 2018

On the occasion of World Food Day, this edition presents how Bioversity International takes action to achieve #ZeroHunger, and includes research on overlooked food species that could be strategic to help fix the food systems; the 'Trees for Seeds' launch in Nairobi; importance of gender equality in banana disease management, and more.

August 2018

This special Earth Overshoot Day edition rounds up scientific research from the 2017 Annual Report on how agrobiodiversity nourishes people and sustains the planet, and on how Bioversity International endeavors to #MoveTheDate.

March 2018

In the March edition, learn about new research that highlights the importance of food biodiversity to improve human and planteray health, why the world also needs a global backup collection for crops that cannot be conserved by seed, and much more.

November 2017

This newsletter features the 2017 International Cocoa Award winners celebrated at the Salon du Chocolat, Paris, shining the international spotlight on the work of cocoa farmers, and the diversity of cocoa around the world.

July 2017

This special issue of the Bioversity International newsletter highlights the 2016 Annual Report, looking back at accomplishments in 2016 and highlights research on healthy diets from sustainable food systems, productive and resilient farms and forests, genetic resources conservation and use.

May 2017

This special International Day for Biological Diversity edition newsletter features a guest blog by Pietro Sebastiani, Director General for Development Cooperation, Italy, who explains how agrobiodiversity contributes to Italy's economy and makes it one of the richest culinary cultures in the world.

February 2017

This newsletter reports from the 30th anniversary celebration of the world’s largest banana genebank, the Bioversity International Musa Germplasm Transit Centre, hosted in Belgium.

December 2016

This edition of the Bioversity International newsletter focused on our activities and events at the 13th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Cancun, Mexico.

October 2016

This special edition World Food Day newsletter highlights how both countries and farmers are responding to climate change by making more effective use of agricultural diversity in their farming systems.

July 2016

Focus on efforts to save the Pacific's coconuts and safeguard biodiversity in China take the stage while in South America and Africa, new technology is addressing the weather data paradox.

May 2016

Special International Day for Biological Diversity edition: May's newsletter celebrates agricultural and tree biodiversity and launches the 2015 Annual Report, a brand new video about the International Transit Centre and features our Director General in the World Bank Governance for Development Blog. 

April 2016

This newsletter features Ann Tutwiler's report from the Global Crop Diversity Trust Pledging Conference, a Süddeutsche Zeitung mention of our Seeds for Needs work in Ethiopia and lots more.

March 2016

Focus on new Gender and Social Inclusion Strategy, the new Access to Seeds Index, a study on why Ethiopian wheat offers a unique source of diversity for weathering climate change,  and our readers had the opportunity to download a free book on community seedbanks.

February 2016

This month's newsletter highlighted the benefits of vitamin A bananas, the Seed Resource Box, a farmer-appreciated method for dealing with Xanthomonas wilt and the importance of tree genetic diversity in forest restoration.

December 2015

November and December were busy months for Bioversity International. Our policy experts joined 11 African country teams in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to find ways to work together to implement the Plant Treaty and the Nagoya Protocol to conserve and exchange plant genetic resources with each other and with the rest of the world, and share related benefits. Bioversity International's nutrition, forestry and gender specialists prepared for the most influential event outside the UNFCCC COP: the Global Landscapes Forum.

October 2015

We dedicated a video to the women we met at the 'Agricultural biodiversity, value chains and women's empowerment' event and said goodbye to a fruitful Expo Milano 2015. Our forest genetic resources specialists surveyed restoration practitioners around the world and landscape specialists attended the Ecosystem Services Partnership conference.

September 2015

We invited women from four corners of the globe to share stories of food and empowerment at a special event on the side-lines of Expo Milano 2015 and underlined the importance of agricultural and tree biodiversity for sustainable development.

August 2015

Matching seeds to needs in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes, the contribution of crop wild relatives to sustainable and resilient agriculture in the face of climate change and why gender-responsive participatory research is the way to go.

June 2015

A look at bananas and climate change, the CBD and WHO launch the State of Knowledge on biodiversity and human health, and a toolkit to measure climate change vulnerability.

May 2015

A special International Day for Biological Diversity newsletter with a guest blog from CBD's Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, the launch of a photo contest and a new infographic explaining agricultural biodiversity.

April 2015

A living laboratory for rare fruit trees, roots, tubers and medicinal plants in Bangalore, biodiversity bugs pests in Uganda, treating drought like other natural disasters in Guatemala and why protected areas are more than just a safe haven for pandas.

March 2015

Ann Tutwiler visits Nigeria and calls for increased integration of biodiversity in farming systems, the Japanese market welcomes a sweeter and more resistant banana into its markets, Gennifer Meldrum reports from India and says that we have to keep up the momentum of the millet revolution

February 2015

Bioversity International scientist talks about the sustainability of gluten-free foods, the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture releases two new guidelines that integrate agricultural biodiversity into regional and national action plans.

December 2014

Why agricultural biodiversity matters for food and nutrition security, a 5–year agreement to boost sustainable food systems in Brazil and tapping into Congo Basin's forest foods for increased nutrition security. 

October 2014

Bioversity International celebrates World Food Day and shares updates from the Convention on Biological Diversity COP12.

August 2014

Bioversity International's researchers report from Vietnam and Burkina Faso, and gear up for the CGIAR Development Dialogues and IUFRO Congress 2014.

July 2014

Bioversity International featured in Nature, National Geographic and Rural 21

June 2014

40th anniversary of Bioversity International and the 2013 Annual Report

May 2014

Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity

April 2014

The IPCC climate change report and the International Day of Forests

March 2014

Biodiversity for smallholders and 'Gender at the centre of our research'

February 2014

Director General writes for Farming First

January 2014

Diversifying Foods and Diets