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Agricultural biodiversity provides vital options for future generations to attain sustainable global food and nutrition security.

Bioversity International’s work is possible thanks to the financial support of our funding partners. In other words our funding partners enable the collaboration with our strategic partners on research, development and in bringing technologies and innovations to scale, as well as the hard work of our scientists and support staff that all contribute to our continued success.

Over the years, we have enriched our portfolio with new partnerships – also through the participation in networks and consortia - and received critical support from many funding partners, including CGIAR, governments and institutions, foundations and other international organizations, the private sector, universities and NGOs.

We gratefully acknowledge our funding partners’ commitment, support and contributions.

Examples of activities undertaken through support from some of our long-standing partners:


One of the ways Bioversity International receives funding is through the CGIAR Fund.

The Fund is a multi-donor, multi-year funding mechanism that provides strategic financing to support agricultural research.

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European Union

Find out how the world's largest funder of development assistance has been supporting our research on agricultural biodiversity to address global hunger and poverty for over two decades.



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Italian Development Cooperation

Bioversity International has a special relationship with the Government of Italy, as host country to our organizational headquarters.

Find out how Italy supports our research on agricultural biodiversity.

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Annie Huie

Partnership news:

Arrivederci – Ann Tutwiler's Farewell Blog

As Ann Tutwiler, Director General, Bioversity International prepares to step down, she reflects on the last six years and the shifts in international...

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Rice varieties from the plains of the Terai regions in Nepal. Credit: Bioversity International/B. Sthapit

Testing farmers evolutionary plant breeding strategies for coping with climate change

Bioversity International and IFAD are pleased to announce an IFAD grant of $3.5 million and national co-funding of $2.1 million, on the use of genetic...

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Richard Scobey, President, World Cocoa Foundation. Credit: WCF

A toast to cocoa diversity

In celebration of the International Day of Biological Diversity, we invited Richard Scobey, President of the World Cocoa Foundation, a Bioversity...

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Fonio (above) and Bambara groundnut harvested in Mali. Credit: Bioversity International/G.Meldrum

Shaking up markets and narratives for increased consumption of nutritious fonio and Bambara groundnut

Effective value chains can increase the presence of a crop in markets and enable farmers to earn reliable incomes, which encourages continued...

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Farmers are scoring wheat varieties according to their preferred phenotypical traits in a field trail in the Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia.

Please credit: J.V.Gevel/Bioversity

How Transformative Agrobiodiversity Innovations help advance the G7’s agenda on agricultural development

As Italy’s G7 Presidential Agenda draws to a close, Bioversity International’s Private Sector Engagement Coordinator, Gianpiero Menza, reports on what...

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