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One of the ways Bioversity International receives funding is through the CGIAR Trust Fund. The Fund is a multi-donor, multi-year funding mechanism that provides strategic financing to support agricultural research. It finances research aligned with the Strategy and Results Framework developed by the Consortium of CGIAR-supported centers and endorsed by the Funders Forum to establish common goals, objectives and results for the CGIAR partnership.

Fund donors may designate their contribution to one or more of three funding 'Windows':

  • Window 1: Contributions to Window 1 represent the least restricted type of funding
  • Window 2: Contributions to Window 2 are designated by Fund donors to one or more specific CGIAR Research Programs
  • Window 3: Contributions to Window 3 are the most restricted type of funding, consisting of funds that Fund donors wish to allocate to specific centers.

The CGIAR Fund is a multi-donor trust fund that finances CGIAR research guided by the Strategy and Results Framework.The CGIAR Fund is administered by the World Bank, as Trustee.

Find out which donors support the CGIAR Fund.

Bioversity International is a CGIAR Research Centre. Find out more about the research we carry out in collaboration with CGIAR.