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Bioversity International has a special relationship with the Government of Italy, as host country to the organization’s headquarters. Italy provides generous financial support to Bioversity International’s agenda, both at an institutional as well as project level, also including the assignment of crucial human resource capacity in the form of talented Junior Professional Officers.

Our fruitful partnership with the Italian Development Cooperation expands to policy dialogue, knowledge exchange and joint delivery, and field cooperation across several priority areas, including sustainable rural development, resilient food systems and nutritional security, gender, and climate change adaptation.

Mainstreaming agrobiodiversity in sustainable food systems

“We will not be able to achieve Zero Hunger as well as many other interconnected Sustainable Development Goals unless agrobiodiversity is seriously taken on board. Why? Because it is crystal clear that agriculture in the last century has been very costly to human and environmental health, especially in terms of land degradation and loss of biodiversity.”

Pierfrancesco Sacco, Italian permanent representative to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  speaking at the launch of our new book in September 2017.

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News about our collaboration with Italy

Farmers are scoring wheat varieties according to their preferred phenotypical traits in a field trail in the Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia.

Please credit: J.V.Gevel/Bioversity

How Transformative Agrobiodiversity Innovations help advance the G7’s agenda on agricultural development

As Italy’s G7 Presidential Agenda draws to a close, Bioversity International’s Private Sector Engagement Coordinator, Gianpiero Menza, reports on what...

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Italian Ambassador and Director General of Development Cooperation Pietro Sebastiani

Se non la usi la perdi! Ecco perché dobbiamo sostenere la biodiversità agricola

In occasione della Giornata Mondiale per la Diversità Biologica, Ann Tutwiler passa il testimone del suo blog a Pietro Sebastiani, Direttore Generale...

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Italy renews support to use and safeguard agricultural biodiversity to nourish people and sustain the planet

In July 2016, the Italian Parliament ratified the hosting agreement between the Government of Italy and Bioversity International, reinforcing their...

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Collecting apples from fruit orchard, Kyrgyzstan. Credit: Kuban Turgunbaev

Carlo Scarpa Prize awarded to the wild apple forests of the Tien Shan

Last weekend, Bioversity International's Director General Ann Tutwiler spoke at the Benetton Foundation's annual International Carlo Scarpa Prize for...

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Women from four corners of the globe share stories of food and empowerment in Milan

Five custodian farmers from Bolivia, India, Italy and Mali and numerous partners came to Bioversity International's co-organized event to voice their...

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