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Global networks

Bioversity International coordinates two global networks for banana research:


ProMusa is a platform for sharing news, knowledge and information on bananas via a website and biennial symposia organized in collaboration with the International Symposia for Horticultural Science (ISHS). You can also follow ProMusa on Twitter @Promusa_banana


MusaNet is a global collaborative network for Musa genetic resources and a partnership of all key stakeholders, aiming to ensure the long-term conservation on a cooperative basis, and facilitate the increased utilization of Musa genetic resources.

Regional networks

Bioversity International also provides coordination for banana research networks at the regional level in Latin America and the Caribbean, West and Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

  MUSALAC - the Banana Research and Development Network for Latin America and the Caribbean

  Innovate Plantain -  the innovation platform on plantain that replaced MUSACO, the regional network for West and Central Africa

  BARNESA - the Banana Research Network for Eastern and Southern Africa

  BAPNET - the Banana Asia-Pacific Network


CIALCA - the consortium for improving agriculture-based livelihoods in Central Africa

Crop Genebank Knowledge Base includes a section on the conservation, characterization and safety duplication of bananas

Banana genome hub centralizes genetic and genomic data on the Musa acuminata genome sequence as well as the sequences of closely related species

Greenphyl is a web platform for comparative and functional genomics of some 30 sequenced species, including Musa acuminata

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