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Fruit tree and tree crop diversity is crucial for nutrition, livelihoods and ecosystem resilience around the world.  

For more than 30 years, Bioversity International has worked closely with fruit tree and tree crop professionals and farmers around the world to share experiences, challenges, and new methods and approaches regarding the integration of diverse knowledge sources and the cross-fertilization of ideas and innovations.

Thematic research areas

Tropical fruit trees

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Forest and tree diversity

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Central Asia fruit trees

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Trees for Seeds

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A global strategy for the conservation and use of coconut genetic resources 2018-2028

In 2018, the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network and Bioversity International launched an updated global strategy launched to advance research, conservation and production of rich coconut biodiversity to boost linked livelihoods.

At a time when the demand for coconut and coconut products is growing worldwide, it is important to conserve and utilize the rich biological diversity of the crop. This evolving Strategy will provide the benchmark for effectively implementing the comprehensive conservation and research agenda proposed by the international coconut research community, as a route to the enhanced wellbeing of millions of coconut smallholders across the globe.

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Tropical fruit tree diversity

This book offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of good practices that support the maintenance of tropical fruit tree diversity in situ and also contribute to sustainable livelihoods, food security and ecosystem services. It presents the conceptual framework, method and experiences of good practice resulting from 24 case studies.

It is part of the Issues in Agricultural Biodiversity series published by Earthscan/Routledge and free to download from our website.

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